Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Toby in the Workshop

With James now ready for action, it's Toby's turn to be fitted with battery, R/C, smoke and sound. This is going to be a longer job as I'm considering cutting out the doors and windows. Meanwhile this is what Toby looks like with the body removed.

The first job will be to remove all of the existing wiring, switched and PCBs.

Since this morning I have decided to have a go at cutting out the doors and windows - a high risk strategy for a numpty like me!
I've drilled out the corners and used a Dremel to roughly cut out most of the plastic.
The body is thermoplastic and is melted as much as cut by the Dremel cutting wheel, but here's the result.
I think Toby looks better already with the cabs opened up. Tomorrow I will have a go at tidying up. Please wish me luck.

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